Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How to Interview a Rising Young Composer on Behalf of a Successful New Website for Which Your Friend Is an Intern

Interviewer: So, I don't really know what I'm doing. What's your name again? Why are you here?
Interviewee: Sorry, are you joking?
'er: Err, yes. Yes I am.
'ee: [laughs politely]
'er: So, you're [furtively examines surroundings] Chair Tableton, is that correct?
'ee: [hesitates] Yes. [laughs politely]
'er: And you're one of the composers of this new thing, right?
'ee: Right.
'er: How is it? The new thing? Or how was it? Is it done already? I don't know.
'ee: It's going fine. We just had a rehearsal [drones on about facts and ideas].
'er: Ok. [pauses] Well, what can I say?
'ee: Are you asking me?
'er: [laughs nervously] Yes.
'ee: Well, you could ask me about [makes suggestion of some kind].
'er: Sure. So how about that?
'ee: [answers own hypothetical question in detail]
'er: Ok. [pauses - looks at notebook] I have some notes here that I made that I'm now looking at. But they don't mean anything.
'ee: Right.
'er: I mean, literally. They're just little squiggles. Like something a child might draw. Take a look [proffers notebook for 'ee to examine]
'ee: Yes, you're right about that.
[general pause]
'er: Well, do you think that maybe, in the final analysis, what's really going on - what's the underlying chief factor in this equation - is that, in your experience, from your perspective - the experience-slash-perspective of a composer - you've maybe tried to engage in some way with the historical like, paradigm, in a way that is contemporary...that is contemporaneous with your own self being a composer right now and in the very recent past.
'ee: Is that...a question?
'er: No.
'ee: Then I can't answer.
'er: Ok.

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