Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Badass 2 badass

Supreme Badass K1LL_BL4ZE_63 appeared briefly on the public board @ www.shittank.net @ 13:00 PST yesterday 2 honour PoonTangoMan69, the only living person 2 have participated in WWWar 1.0. In a touching exchange, His Righteousness the Badass expressed His “incredible r/spec” 4 the veteran gmr., who managed 2 bag over 10k kills (including 2,043 headshots) over 3 days of fighting back in 7 BR (Year of Blade Runner).

PoonTangoMan69 thanked him politely, and asked whether it was true that the forthcoming Modern Warfare 38: Total Innovation will feature AP bullets that allow the player 2 shoot out of the game-world and in2 neighbouring websites. The Badass said “no comment but itd be fuckin awseome!” and deployed the Imperial Smiley.

PoonTangoMan69 has been the only survivor of WWWar 1.0 since the death last month of !King$chlong!, who passed away due 2 complications arising from chronic acne.

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