Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Escapist Forums

Why on earth do I do it? Why do I return, again and again, to the forums of The Escapist? What possible profit can there be in this endeavour? What gain? Gah.

"Favorite Legendary Pokemon

I've seen plenty of 'favorite pokemon' threads, but the search bar revealed that this one hasn't been covered. I know 'favorite' threads are pretty tired, but I enjoy hearing people's opinions and justifications, so here goes.

I have two.

Lugia: The first time I saw the cover for Pokemon Silver, which was a while before it came out (mind you I was like 8 or 9), Lugia blew my mind, it was the coolest shit ever. Then he was awesome in the game, and then I saw the second movie and he pretty much owned everything. He might actually be my favorite pokemon period.

Groudon: Three words. Solarbeam. Without. Charging."

This individual is clearly literate and self-aware (when it comes to forum etiquette, anyway), so what's gone wrong? Why has he/she chosen to invest time not only in playing Pokemon but in discussing it, too? And how have I ended up reading it? Writing about it? Inanity upon inanity.

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