Sunday, 20 June 2010

More Work-Related Nonsense

I work in a pub.

This pub is part of a chain.

This chain is called 'Geronimo Inns'. I don't know why; perhaps its founders felt that by purchasing a small number of public houses they were making some sort of wild jump into the unknown. Perhaps they were referring specifically to the Native American leader who waged war against the US in the late 19th century (whose name, incidentally, translates as 'one who yawns'). That would make my pub an anti-colonial pub. That would make me the catering industry's answer to Edward Said.

Geronimo Inns 'endeavour[s] to create a warm home from home atmosphere, where real food at affordable prices is available seven days a week'. They endeavour to do this by distributing chairs and tables around a room, and selling drinks and food. Also, there are shelves. (There are knicknacks on the shelves.)

Here is the text of a promotional card I found in my pub:

The Club Table
Simply the best ground available for every game for £100 includes welcome drinks and nibbles (£50 goes to Action against Hunger) and to be raffled as a treat for the final (draw on 6th july).

I am tired now.

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