Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thomas used to work as a stevedore. Following a dispute over redundancies, his union decided to arrange a strike. Thomas felt ambivalent; several of his friends had been threatened with unemployment, but he was in no position to turn down work. Unfortunately for him, the strike went ahead. That was three months ago, and he hasn't earned a penny since. 'It's tough,' he says.

Thomas's girlfriend, Gina, has been working as a waitress for 12 hours a day to support the two of them. She insists that she does it 'for love', but Thomas is convinced that the situation cannot go on; 'Sometimes she cries in the night. I know she thinks about running away.'

Fortunately, due to new government regulations, Thomas's union has been outlawed and disbanded. Now he can go back to work, albeit at significantly reduced pay. 'We were living on a prayer for a while, but thank God it's over.'

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Willow Hewitt said...

I can't really see this version going down so well with drunken dancers at the end of the night.