Monday, 4 October 2010

In the Dream (2)

I step into the bathroom of my parents’ house and find a chubby blonde woman wearing a black cocktail dress. She’s brushing her hair in front of the mirror and talking into a phone at the same time. She smiles at me. We start to have a conversation, but fortunately it’s the same one she’s having already, so there are no awkward pauses while she switches between partners. Her name is Jonathan Nice, and she’s a Hollywood agent. She represents a famous director who lives in the same building as me. Apparently, he’s terribly depressed; he spends hours every day scrubbing the floor in Sisyphean penance. I promise to check on him. Jonathan leaves for a party, exchanging a meaningful glance with me on her way out of the room. I’m fairly certain that the two of us are in love.

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