Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Japan announces final level complete, boss fight imminent

Okay, so I don't usually use my blog as a point of dissemination for all the stupid shit I find online, but in this case I have to make an exception.

"Shall we muscle?" It's so full of excellent little details, e.g. the way the speech bubbles come out of characters' noses, rather than their mouths. Also, I think it might just have depleted the world supply of Japanese-ness, which means that there'll be no more animes, JRPGs, adult women who look like 12-year-old girls and second homes for bad rock bands. What will the Internet do without them?

In the interest of following that tossed-off post title to its logical conclusion, I wonder if the release of this game (and, you know, the END OF JAPAN) will involve some sort of cataclysm, presumably in the form of a giant robot battle. In ANOTHER break from tradition, I hereby invite "you" to post ideas for JAPAN WORLD END BATTLE FINALE 2009.

(Do NOT leave me hanging on this; I will be hella raged.)

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